Disciple James log: Joyful abundant Life is the most natural, and among humans beyond the age of two, the rarest, thing in the world.


Joyful abundant life every breath,Salvation from joyless life, is what Jesus offers. Not salvation from physical pain, abuse, or early death. But joyful life regardless of all that. Can you really do better than that?

If you do not see the adult Jesus as the rare exception to this, neither i, nor he, have anything to offer you.

But if like i, you do, the purpose of this site, and the joyful purpose of the life of disciple james, is to show you the tragedy of not embracing this truth, becoming awakened, fulfilled by, and the proof of it, and therefore a hope for others.

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And this is the heartbreaking shortcoming of even the most visionary besides Jesus that disciple james, the one writing here, seas. Although in recent pages on this site James notes that he realizes he is no longer alone, he actually is.

Who else has seen the Jesus found and offered to us the joyful Way of being? We can't get past the idea that it is somehow instrumental what we're looking for, a way of saving the world. Jesus way was the way to save the world, it's too late for that. But it is not too late for almost any individual to save their own joyful life, not to be confused with pulse. The spirit is life, the flesh means nothing, Jesus said. Truly.

And, what profit is it to a person to gain the whole world, including a long life, at the expense of their soul, they're joyful life? Paraphrase with many liberties.