Disciple James log: Monumental breakthrough for me.Jesus ultimate value was goodness, I think. The fruit of the Holy spirit.

Monumental breakthrough for me. The  ultimate value for Jesus was goodness, I think. The fruit of the Holy spirit.

God is good, God is goodness, God is humanity.

Fighting constantly, successfully, against depression and despair over the US Israel genocide, deeper reflection came regarding Jesus similar fight with the pending genocide by Rome of he and his people.

In that context, james, what was Jesus fighting for? Personally, and what was he exhorting us to do?

Either make the tree good and it's fruit good, or make the tree corrupt and it's fruit corrupt.

The kingdom of God will be taken from it's children and given to a nation will bring forth its fruits.

The nobleman, the king, that planted a vineyard and the workers were to bring forth its fruit.

The parable of the talents, what does it mean to produce more talents from the ones given?

What were the fruits that Jesus bore?

Did Jesus throw off the Romans or try? No, and he refused those that asked him to lead such an effort.

Did he lobby for land reform? No.

Did he create a hospital? No.

Clearly he cared about material justice but that's neither what he produced with few exceptions, nor what he demanded we produce.

What did he produce and demands that we produce? Goodness. Goodness in ourselves and thereby possibly goodness coming forth from others.

- The woman that contributed everything she had to the collection.

- The good samaritan.

- His admonitions to us
      - Do good to those who persecute you
      - love your enemy.
      - feed the hungry
      - turn the other cheek
      - clothe the naked.....

- His example to us:
      - lay down your life for your sheep
      - give your life freely

All actions that give goodness from one and possibly thereby bring forth goodness from others, goodness cultivated and multiplied.

And what is the tree? I think it must be the holy spirit, the one unforgivable blasphemy, speaking against the holy spirit.

His admonition to cultivate the good tree in several parables, pretty meaningless, unless he means bringing forth within you your holy spirit, ask the father for it, pray for it, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be openned to you.

This is so important to james, the one writing here. James, and every soul I believe, the few that are still alive, needs an answer to the question, what do you want me to do?

James now has an answer. Bring forth goodness, from yourself, and as best you can inspire it from others.

What Jesus considered divine, was manifestations of goodness. He considered it life itself. Immortality itself. Eternal life itself. Every soul would agree with this.


 Our opportunity is:

  1. Restore and or maintain our own personal humanity.
  2. Live our lives so that we may help restore or maintain the humanity of another.
For the individual and collective joy and peace of it.