Disciple James log: Revelation - Unless you hate your very life in this world, you cannot be my disciple

 This Revelation didn't just come to me because of what Aaron Bushnell did, but almost instantly it brought his action to mind.

You will not, you cannot, be a disciple of Jesus that he would recognize as such, if the agony in the world is not otherwise unbearable to you. It's not possible the devotion.

That sounds like a cycle, largely vicious. The lusts and agony of the world drives us away from our humanity, and it is only acute alive full Humanity that can pull one to full humanity. Humanity being the master, the lord, the god of the life of such as aaron. And Jesus of course. That Jesus saw as individual, and potentially collective, salvation.

What did bring it to mind was reflecting on the brief encounter with a tall handsome 50-year-old male here in the parking lot as I was eating an animal friendly lunch.

He expressed words of support but emphasized how enjoyable what he thinks I'm doing appears to be, traveling the country in this vehicle.

I shared with him my response, it gives me a joyful life what I do, in a world that otherwise is unbearable to me, what we're doing to each other, what we're doing to our children, what we're doing to the world.

I've been drawn to Jesus my entire life wanting the joy and peace that he had, and no credit to me, that's my Humanity that I received from my biological father. And because of that Humanity I find the pain wrackrled world unbearable except for the joy and peace of being somewhat the way Jesus was, following his example and teachings better and better all the time. Trying to be, and therefore cultivate, more Humanity in the world. For the joyful life of it.