Disciple James log: someone tried to hijack the vehicle last night. They didn't know I was inside.

It was a very tough night. Spring weather on a Saturday night in a Walmart parking lot in a small town. I might have known what would occur. Very often Saturday night Walmart parking lot is where the teenagers gather. And almost always with their ear splitting vehicles.

I have no complaint but it was a challenge to stay in creators will.

About 11 things quieted down a little bit. All of a sudden I felt what I guessed was someone tugging on the vehicle.

Turns out it was a teenage boy that had jumped inside and was trying to pedal the vehicle off.

I left out of the back, his friend with the four or five cars 30 yards away shouted for him, there's someone in the back, get away! And the young man did so.

By this time I was at the side of the cab looking sadly and heartbroken in the direction of the young people, so hurtful. So ugly.

Within 10 seconds of me standing there, looking in their direction, saying nothing, another young man walked a straight rapid line toward me and stuck out his hand in rather genuine apology. I'm sorry, he said, I'm just trying to get my friend home.

 Following the lead of his friend the offending young man within seconds also walk a straight line to me and put out his hand. I didn't steal anything! I'm sorry! I didn't know you were in there!

I remained sad and astonished. Just at a loss to such inhumanity. I was not cold, I was warm to them. I let them see my confused face and sadness. Please be respectful and considerate next time I said.

I haven't yet inspected the vehicle, it was dark, for damage or theft. I don't know what I'll find.

Several posts on this site of yesterday would indicate that my level of clarity as to how far along an advanced the empire is in destroying goodness has come to me with a ferocious new clarity. It's not unwelcome but it's a very heavy weight.

The encouraging dialogue from my brother this morning was all the more welcome and appreciated in this context:


  1. It is a very crushing time but we must keep the faith Above All Else... strengths in numbers...the more that seek the path the more the path becomes obvious! Thank you Heavenly Father for providing the ultimate light JESUS for without him we will never know anything but darkness!


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