Disciple James log: Folks this past week are genuinely elated with what they see in Soul and this effort.


There has never been nearly this prolonged passionately glad reception as this last week.

Times are dark, and will become vastly darker very soon. It will continue, except for those few that can be brought to live out the teachings and example of the man Jesus. My life is vastly better now that I've made it my business to know his thousand and ten teachings, and the reason I do what I do everyday is that maybe I can help lead someone else to those teachings and example.

This pare of the country is obviously a very Christian area, many churches, many people testifying that they have been saved by their relationship with jesus. And as much as I experience that Christianity hurts almost everyone it touches, I must say that many of the people in this part of the country have not been hurt. I don't know what the percentage is, but I'm meeting people that say that they were drug addicts and are now clean and happy with their lives, and I think it's likely that they're telling me the truth.

They are just extremely glad to see this vehicle with the words and teachings of the man jesus, slowly crawling along the shoulder of route 60, an interstate like road but not interstate so we can go on it. And in the parking lots.

Soul and I are meeting a deeply felt need here. It is very gratifying.

There is no one in the many dialogues that have transpired this last week that has seemed opposed to the message that not christianity, not the old testament, not the new testament, but Jesus words and example in the gospels, we and those around us would be infinitely better off if we spent a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot more time with those. God bless you, the police officer says when I briefly explain this message, and time after time they genuinely mean it.

It is not a message any of them have heard before, but it deeply resonates. It's almost impossible that it's not going to help people.

We are also exhausted. Physically, emotionally. 

Yesterday much time was spent updating and organizing the website. Probably more time over the next two days.

There is a spectacular Chinese buffet here where we had a late lunch. $12. There is this Walmart parking lot and just across 60 there is a truck stop.

We didn't expect to make it this far until tomorrow but there was an opening, the rain storm was following us and it appeared we could beat it to this town, and we did. The opportunity was to complete this 50 miles worth of travel without rain on the windshield.

Soul is performing beautifully. Including the rear trike wheel. By all appearances the new spoke arrangement will be at the FedEx pickup at Walgreens midday tomorrow.

It is almost 2 weeks since we have fully observed our Sabbath practice of rest reflection and regrouping. Between tomorrow and the next day I expect that observance to be the case.

The new handout cards are in our possession as of 7:30 this morning, picked up at the printer, and at another print place across the street from there five new polyester pullover shirts were ordered, black, same as what we have, but the cotton that we have bleaches so quickly in the sun. In both cases ridiculously affordable, I insisted on doubling the $15 fee for the cards.

A fellow with a biker jacket, we're picking up your meal tab, it's my wife's birthday, it's her present to you.

Awakened at 3:00 this morning in the Walmart parking lot, a loud hello outside, male voice. Reflexively I summoned my spirit that is Holy with, Spirit Holy james, Spirit holy. Hello friend, Who is it I asked? Sheriff, I'm almost certain that was the reply. Be right there friend. As I turned and lowered the rear gate, you don't need to get out, and in through the opening gate came a hand with $20. I have to go, said the person, and I'm quite certain it was a trucker, there were several in the Walmart parking lot, I heard it drive off in just a minute or two.

What are you doing, the man yesterday, pulled alongside in a car with his son or stepson. Well, I said, occasionally someone stops and I get to tell them that in this hate-filled world that I find otherwise inbearable, I've been saved from joyless unbearable existence as I've spent massive amounts of time studying the 1010 teachings and example of the man Jesus, and I figure others can be saved the same way, so I travel through the country sharing that message. I'm so glad for seeing someone that's trying to help folks, he said. Reached into his wallet and gave everything he had as an unsolicited contribution.

There have been many encounters like this the last week in this part of the country.