Disciple James log: it took a lot of work to achieve, but Jesus is my co-pilot now. And creator.

Do not dismiss the teachings and example of Jesus just because Christianity is so evil. Jesus gave his life to save us from such religious nonsense.

Also .... Voice typing while cycling...

On personification, personifying.

This is a genetically given capacity that we humans have. words that also come to mind are modeling, an internal hologram, vision, envisioning, seeing.

This is a family of things And and this this is certainly what Jesus did.

well no, so we all do that, we do it when we come to understand a job or a game so well that we have predictive capacities that are automatic. it's the model inside us working.

there are times when for various reasons we want to internalize we want to have A working model although we don't think of it that way of a person maybe a group, a person, someone so successful at a sport that's important, to a job that is so important to us or attaining a goal that is so important to us that we spend so much time thinking about it so much time working on it that a model develops within us and it has predictive capabilities. we can turn to it we are automatically informed by it....

Well that's what Jesus did. he certainly didn't have the words to describe this.

But he did have the supreme intelligence and emotional intelligence 2 understand this in whatever language.

Maybe what He understood was that the few prophits in the Old Testament he Revered he was drawn had done that ,and he was drawn to emulate however automatically what they had done.

and he understood that that's what we should do.

And he probably from the natural world also derived that because that is what the natural world does in a way. the sheep hear my voice. well sheep have a model of what is Safe and what isn't.

So Jesus made it his business to personify within himself, however he thought of it, his humanity, and maybe humanity of other people, maybe  his mother or his father, his adopted father, were so humane that it helped it become a thing within him,  That he worked on a lot. the father never leaves me because I always do what pleases him.

we could love a biological father or a partner or a spouse or a political figure so much we could spend so much time contemplating that individual how to please them that they become a working automatic model within us.

One way or another the other mammals have that personification hardwired, or their environment including the adults in their lives are so much that or they wouldn't have survived, that it is inherent in their being. and they don't have the capacity to develop alternative Personifications.

personifications all are alternative internal models spirits of headed flesh as it's spoken of elsewhere on this website. that which is highly esteemed in the eyes of men is abomination in the sight of God, in the sight of personified goodness personified humanity within us. that's not hard to understand is it?

And it is only in that the of the myriad of personifications internal models that we have that are provoked and evoked by our sick cultures and religions We have forgotten almost all of us have forgotten and have lost awareness of the personification of our humanity, of our decency, of our goodness... that it seems laughable, it seems mystical, it seems ridiculous to have a God that one actually relates to. allthough we all have those in the material world and we think them appropriate and necessary and natural... just not the good ones.

well if there's anyone you care about, we are at mad max thunderdome in Gaza right now in most of the Global South, and we are quickly getting there in the United States, we're already there in many places, it's unfolding before our eyes very rapidly, and it so happens that this personification of our humanity, of our god-given divinity by whatever name or none... is the place of joy, is the place of life, is the place of effortlessness, is The heaven within and for virtually all of us material Armageddon is unfolding, mad max thunderdome is unfolding, to all on earth and life will be not worth living, like many in Gaza the now, young children will wish to be dead, but not those in whom the personification that Jesus passed down to them and others by whatever source,  that will find life worth living, it will appear like a dream world to others, they will be dancing figuratively Joy, they will be alive, Others will look at them and think they're insane because they don't have that personification of their goodness of their decency anymore, to the lookers, but if there's anyone in your life that you care about that they find joy Life worth Living in the Mad MAX thunderdome that they will inhabit, this would be Really Really Really Good Time to dive into the teachings and example of the Master of all time in civilization, The Man Jesus who generously provide those words. there are not a couple of hours, it will take you hundreds or thousands of hours To deeply ponder each phrase so that the internal hologram the internal model the personification will emerge and it will begin teaching you, teaching you ... the phrases begin connecting and begin instructing you it certainly has with me.

I don't know maybe of a footnote, my goodness I would have given my life 4 years I would have given my life literally to take a bullet to protect the man Obama. oh my goodness. Boy the oligarchs really got one over on me. Hey see that man,  we can make him President and the flattery will make him think that he's a good man and he will do our bidding why because he's an empty shell. remember his phrase and it didn't bother me at the time I just considered it honesty... all they have is their bibles and their guns. he couldn't even imagine what they had. he dropped his pastor like a hot potato when politically he thought it expedient. He had not a clue about the personification of goodness within him.

well guess what middle America is suffering like crazy the numbers of suicide are huge as you probably know something's going on here but not all are suffering and it's because they're drawn to, for some It's a very right reason, they're drawn to having the teachings and example of the man Jesus re personified, their humanity within them and it's the only place of joy Life and Life and vitality.