Disciple James log: Jesus is the only radical revolutionary in human history.


It may be but therefore he was better than every other in that category. But that misses the point. He was radically different than every other titular revolutionary.

Every one that I can think of however good their intention were not really revolutionary. They were about rearranging social and material arrangements between people.

Jesus was about revolutionizing ourselves, one by one. Revolutionizing what we are as human beings. Living every breath, every breath, for the joy of it, in front of god, our holy spirit, our highest conception of humanity, of goodness.

Did he believe that material arrangements between people would change as a consequence? He certainly did, it certainly would, though we're likely never to know. 

Because no one followed him. Not the disciples, not anyone since of any note.

His revolution was moving from the I centered way of being, to the we, us, our way of being. 

Well james, isn't that what early Christians did? No. Why? They thought it could be organized. They thought it could be arranged. They thought it could be a religion. 

And all of those are changing the material arrangements as the focus. 

Jesus must have realized that that is impossible. It is always beyond the control of an individual or a group of individuals. 

What is always within the control of an individual is themself, that, only that. So he manifest, he lived, and he failed in trying to spread the only radical revolution, making of ourselves we, our, us... living that way, being that way. 

Not sure? You will be if you devote hundreds or thousands of hours to his teachings and example. No, you won't. That's the story.