Disciple James log: Oh. Yeah. Make the tree good and the fruit good, or.....


Jesus said, make the tree good, and the fruit good, or make the tree corrupt, and the fruit corrupt. The tree is known by its fruit.

This 73-year-old, the one writing here, was aware that his understanding of this was vague at best. It is said that the last one to discover water is the fish. The clarity just snapped into place for me.

Six or eight weeks ago climbing from Arizona into colorado, a gigantic Epiphany came to me, james, the only thing you can control is which spirit is in charge of you, is it your holy spirit, which I now understand as my spirit of humanity, or is it the spirits of your head and flesh?

And actually I lost that clarity within weeks, and it's power in my life which I'll mention here, and maybe expand on in another post, I lost it because I hadn't understood that I needed to invoke it. I needed to do something like the chant that I was doing for a while, silently, spirit holy james, spirit holy. Spirit Holy james, Spirit holy. And that invoked and installed my spirit that is Holy very reliably, but apparently I didn't realize that I had to continue that process. Smh.

About a week ago in that relative painful drought, the notion that the holy spirit is our DNA given, creator given, humanity, it's a neurological complex, that we immersively destroy with our religious and secular cultures, and that that must be the specific complex that Jesus was going to, identifying himself as that, identifying that as his father, such a reliable guide. Giving his life to revive in those he encountered.

Well it remains the case that James can control nothing except which spirit is in charge of him that particular breath.

And he now has a greater clarity on what to invoke by way of his holy spirit, and his silent chant now when he wakes up in the morning and as regularly during the day as he needs to, spirit holy, james, be humane, generate humanity. This is very very important to james. Gigantically useful, a huge step.

And with that, this morning, he now no longer feels that he is vague about what Jesus was saying.

I think he was saying, take heed as to which Spirit you have installed people! Invoke your Holy Spirit, your spirit of humanity, and that will be your ruler, and it infallibly will give you each breath that you do so, peace in this otherwise unbearable hell world we've created, clarity, you will be acting out of goodness to the highest degree you possibly can, and keeping your spirits of head and flesh at bay. And often you will have joy. Salvation. Heaven. 

You will thereby make of yourself the tree that bears good fruit, and preclude being the tree that bears corrupt fruit. And oh my goodness that's what I want to be and do.


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