Disciple James log: Pt 1. I always do what pleases the father. Jesus. How??!#&!??


I always do what please the father. Jesus. How??!#&!?? How did he do that?!?!?!

I really really really really want to please, actually, to delight, creator, Jesus, everyday. 

Why? Because I want to be as helpful as Jesus was, the degree to which that's possible. 

But how? I don't know. These are some initial musings. Reflections on how Jesus might have done it.

  • Highlighting the evil of empire by radically, courageously, strategically opposing it. 
  • Complete mastery of the father's teachings.
  • Every breath expressing the father's teachings, living example.
  • Tirelessly spreading the father's teachings.
  • Unerringly, unconditionally, waging humanity.
  • Strategic, acting responsibly, not recklessly, with the resources given.
  • As wise as a serpent.
  • As peaceful as a dove.
  • By burning with Humanity he could ignite those not yet dead.
  • Treating every second as sacred opportunity. His, ours.
  • Expose and oppose empire in all its forms especially religious. Hypocrisy.
  • Gold, high amplitude, including strategic silences.
  • Extremely prayerful.
  • Not delightful to Creator and jesus? Drop it. Now. Just do it.
  • Recklessly, ragingly, humane, to inspire reckless, ragingly humane living.
  • If you delight and delighting the father, others might see the opportunity to do the same.
  • Be meek and lowly of heart.
  • No time wasted on those that think they are well.
  • Creator delights in those that delight in creators work. Not to be wasted on the swine. No offense to the swine.
  • Knows that everyone that is of the truth will hear their voice.

Help needed.

Update. This feels like a gigantic breakthrough. I don't know if I could have made it before all the work this recent year and a half, but it feels like a gigantic breakthrough. Tremendously liberating, tremendously empowering.

Update. Jesus, creator, are my pilot. They're crazy. What a wonderful ride.

Update. What is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of god. What is highly delighting in the sight of God is insanity in the eyes of men! Lol. Who knew?