Disciple James log: Submission to your spirit that is holy, God if you will, being humane, is salvation, psychologically speaking.

Submission to your spirit that is holy, God if you will, being humane, is salvation, psychologically speaking.

Most certainly it is for me, james, the one writing here. And to my eyes, it is the same for the most enviable souls in history, though they may think of it differently.

As discussed in more detail elsewhere on this site, we have three major components to our nervous system, our reptilian brain, the hypothalamus, our human brain so-called, the cerebral cortex, and our mammalian brain, the limbic system, which is our soul.

And unlike with other mammals, that have the reptile and cerebral cortex brains, in them it is not possible for those two to hijack and take control over the mammalian brain, the soul. But in humans in complex cultures it is not only possible it is inevitable without deliberate intervention.

And the psychological aspect of that is spirits of the head and the flesh becoming slave masters and driving us with illusions of pleasure and happiness and comfort that are achievable fleeting but cannot sustain us. Any more than a diet of cotton candy can sustain our body.

It is only by putting the soul, the mammalian brain, back in charge, that joy, and peace even in a hellish world, happens and can be sustained every breath, and is sustaining regardless of how intense the external hell.

 But we have not been taught how. We were not given an owner's manual, or even worse we were, by our cultures which are slaves to the head and flesh and exist by enslaving thair children to the spirits of our head and flesh. 

It's how it is.

The only thing that we can control, as I honestly learn how my nervous system works, and how I observe that everyone's nervous system works, aside from our illusions, the fact is, the only choice we can make is whether we are going to be the servant of our impossibly wise, impossibly loving and good mammalian brain, the dolphin brain, the golden retriever brain, or whether we are going to be slave to the merciless spirits of our head and flesh. That's it. 

The purpose of Jesus was to show us this in other terms and to lead us to our soul, our mammalian brain, our holy spirit, our being humane, in charge, and the purpose of this site as well.


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