Disciple James Log: This Mission

Creator made the world good. We, and the empire we serve, have made it bad. And now we're in the final stages of making it really really Mad Max bad.

It's been going on a long time. 2,000 years ago the Roman empire was destroying all goodness. And Jesus couldn't stand it.

Jesus seems to have decided, the empire is not going to stop, but I am going to stop it destroying all goodness within me, it's not going to destroy my humanity, my soul, my holy spirit, Creator within me. And I'm going to fight to keep it from destroying the humanity in everyone I can.

And I'm going to try and raise an army to do the same alongside me, and after me.

Well james, the one writing here, has joined that army. Rejoined, really, we are all born into it, but then we let empire rip us out of it.

I have to, I have to be in it, I have to fight the way Jesus fought and teaches me to do, and shows me to do, because I can't stand being in this world otherwise. And I'm saved from that misery by doing the work. Just by trying.

17 States ago, about 8 months, in Jackson Wyoming the call I heard from my soul was, james, try and raise an army, try and save some souls along the way. Take this through as many of the 48 states as you can. 

The Western tip of Kentucky will be 18 if we make it, then we'll pick up the state south of there down to the coast, over to Satan ruled florida, then up the coast, and then heading back West to pick up the rest of the states.


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