Disciple James log: A variety of thoughts

 As soul and I crawl through the countryside, and sometimes in the middle of the night, thoughts come that need to be expanded but there's no time. These are on the list, maybe they will be written more of later

  • Generate Humanity in yourself to awaken it in others. Awaken, reestablish awareness of it.
  • Life is a divine symphony in the universe. Until you are an instrument playing your part you are not alive.
  • God, jesus, are the personification of good. If you don't recreate them in yourself, you don't want it. Hmmm.
  • Nobody in this world rewards anyone for doing good, except.....
  • I mean who would want to live as though Creator and Jesus were watching them every second? Well, turns out, anyone with and understanding of the highest gratification, joyful life.
  • There's a very small audience for Jesus words. Those who are of the truth. Those with open and warm hearts. Those who are of the father. He never expresses any hope of saving those without these. Does he?
  • With people's reactions in my mind I can't be who I want to be. But with creator and Jesus as my audience, yes! It is such a joy, they are my cheering section, and none others are, maybe mark.
  • Jesus way is cyclical, with possibly depressive cycles.
  • Jesus' our, us, we...way, is terrifying and inconceivable... to adults. 
  • Everything is of God except that made by humans.
  • We crucify wisdom, truth to make it dead dogma that can't save us. Because of Jesus said would be the case, we don't want to be saved from our selfishness.
  • Dogma, much of it, was once wisdom that was killed at the stupid hand of head and flesh spirits.
  • Hundreds of hours of study, Jesus is returning me to citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven within me.
  • Jesus may have saved me from Adam's sin but certainly I must save myself from my sins.
  • The difference between a sheep and a robot. Einstein. Jesus.
  • Can anyone save folks better than jesus, before christianity? Even those that don't know the bible?
  • I don't yet know how to give you the help that you need.
  • If I get physically destroyed for being humane, so be it, I think.
  • Make of the tree good, and it's fruit good.
  • Rebel Alliance.
  • Living in another world.
  • Truly believing in the true God is salvation itself.
  • Unless you hate your very life in this world you cannot be my disciple. He was stating a truth, not laying down a law.