Disciple James log: Will you stop the recrucifixion of Jesus?


Christianity is his true crucifixion, far more cruel, for more deadly, far more costly than the first.

Christianity turned him into a god, something we cannot be, something we are not. He denied that when he was alive. Was he a liar?

Why was that done? To make him a creature in a zoo that they could use for their own selfish gain. And more charitably, because they never understood him. They never cared to understand him, only to use him.

He discovered, he rediscovered, what it meant to be human, made in creators image, humane. Why else did he describe himself as the son of man?

He lived and taught so that we would make the same rediscovery, that our humanity is who we are, worth everything, every breath, including our very life.

He said, if you know me, you know the father, and now you know him and have seen him. Will you rebirth yourself so that the same can be said of you?

Jesus said, What I do, I do so the world may know that I love the Father and do as the Father commanded me. Will you rebirth yourself so that the same can be said of you?

Will you join jesus? Will You remake your father, your soul, your humanity, to be in charge of your life? To be the substance of your very life? Will you bring, thereby, Jesus back to earth? To potentially help those about whom you care?