Agent Mark log: We must observe the sabbath, but the Sabbath is made for man, not man for the sabbath.

 Yesterday being Sunday I wanted to stay home and keep my thoughts and feelings focused on our father but I received a call from one friend and a text from another who needed my help with a couple of things so I thought to myself I really don't want to go anywhere but then the Holy Spirit piped up and said you got work to do so I got myself together went on into town and helped make two situations better for some friends then decided I would stop at Walmart because I always run into somebody there that needs to talk about Jesus and as always as I'm walking through the store when the Holy Spirit brings my attention to someone an older gentleman in the cowboy hat and the spirit in me was telling I need to reach out but in all the hustle and bustle I lost track of him so I proceeded on to where I was going the vitamin aisle and lo and behold who shows up behind me and starts a conversation the older gentlemen in a cowboy hat as I start to talk to him I can feel the hunger in him for the word so I proceed to start talking about Jesus and the way the world is right now what's going. I shared with him my mission in life to serve the father and about how that we must all have faith to the end. You see the older gentleman was a little bit down and was really concerned about an older friend that he had that had been consumed by ill feelings and about him passing on in that way we talked some more and I suggested he share a few of my thoughts on Jesus with him and he said he would and he smiled and shook my hand and thanked me for the enlightening conversation I gave him card and told him to check out the site we said our goodbyes and departed both feeling a little more spiritually enlightened I'm sure but the best was yet to come for 10 minutes later I saw him again in the store and this time he came up to me real fast with the biggest smile on his face and the glow of the Holy Spirit surrounding him and he says to me thank you thank you so much for you give me hope!

And in seeing his Delight the Holy Spirit me was just so full of Delight all I could think was thank you Father for letting me bring some light to his day and then again we say our goodbyes and I said I'll see you again and he and he stopped he looked back at me in a way that was suddenly full of life and he said I'm sure of it I'll will see you again someday! I again was overcome with the Sudden Rush of joy and all I could think was thank you Father thank you thank you for allowing me to be a light in his day!