Agent Mark log: I want to be what Jesus wanted us to do!

I haven't read anything you put out that I would change it almost seems like what you're thinking about or how your thinking this week is the same thing that I'm thinking about or happened to talk to someone about. 

easy for me to see that sitting here while you're putting most of the information out and maybe not so easy for you to see there on that end. so I will definitely let you know if there's anyway I think it could be improved on! 

I've been giving out cards hoping people will check out the site. I tell them to leave comments! People will talk to me about it but then I think it's all gone soon as I'm gone😳 hopefully I'll plant a seed that grows! :-)


Lately for me it's all I can think about is how or what Jesus wants me to do in this moment and like you said soon enough it'll come to  me. 

every day I feel a little more on track for truly in my soul I want to be what Jesus wanted us to do! Feels so good! No other reason for me to be but to serve the Father! I'm so thankful for the opportunity! 

I got several people that want me to go to church with them and not because the church has something to offer me but they think I might be able to offer the church some good! Im still talking to Father about that though! Who knows what he gonna tell me next🤔


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