Disciple James log: Attitude


Attitude is an important thing, but like so many important things it has very different meanings and for me I have to be sure I'm selecting the right one. 

The pilot of a plane needs to have the right attitude for the plane attacking the wind or the plane stalls. 

The popular notion of changing the attitude is one of wishing, or willing. But if the pilot is to survive the pilot will take actions that cause the change in attitude. 

I think it is exactly the same in life, it certainly is for me. The popular notion is that we can will it, we can want it. Maybe that's true. But not in any healthy way that I find, certainly not for me. 

What I can do is realize that I don't like my attitude at a particular moment, and I can take the actions within me that I know can change that, moving myself into the gaze of Jesus, of creator, and seeking to understand what I can do at that moment inside and outside me to delight them. And to do so. 

And my attitude changes. In the way I want. And it seems real. And it seems really healthy.