Disciple James log: Can we buy you lunch, the good old Alabama boys asked?


Something I neglected to say in the video above, and this before they offered me lunch, clearly pleased with the vehicle, and maybe with my understanding of Jesus teachings, I guess so, they said, well with this vehicle you have everything you need. I reflected and said, you know Jesus said, my food is to do the will of the one who sent me. It's the same for me. Right now I've been given this vehicle as a tool. If it gets vaporized today, I'll keep walking to do what I'm doing, I'll get a sign and I'll keep walking. That is if my body still functions. And that's the case. They had also asked, as many people do, so do you live back in that trailer? And as I always share my honest answer, I live where I can do the work of trying to serve people's humanity. I do sleep back there.

No credit to me I have the most enjoyable life imaginable, the second most enviable life, Jesus had and showed the first most enviable life. No credit to me I've just been wising up.