Disciple James log: Conformity, "the world," extinguishes humanity.

Conformity, "the world," extinguishes humanity.

Major lifelong mystery solved, and more.

James, the one writing here, his nervous system would not tolerate, would not allow, James to be a student all the way through the end of high school. It would not let him study. It would not let him do homework. It would not let him sit still in class. Oh there were exceptions, woodworking, music, athletics.

But academics? It would not. I don't mean it made it difficult, his nervous system made it impossible. Impossible. Impossible. Not possible.

AAnd it would not let him be in the social clicks. He wanted to be, he couldn't do it. He couldn't be what they wanted. Couldn't. He thought it was autism. But it wasn't that. At least not clearly so anymore. It was his Humanity unwilling to be killed. And the social groups she wanted to be in were exactly about brilliantly destroying Humanity so that the participants could rise to the top of the inhuman machine. Beyond nightmare for james, then, and now.

What changed in college was he could study what he wanted to study and for the first year he did. Psychology, literature, love, art, music, philosophy, literature.... The so-called... humanities.

This morning upon Awakening he was given the understanding. The purpose of the education system is to instill conformity, thereby killing humanity. James' humanity, was unwilling to be killed. And at some level his biological father understood this. By some miracle the humanity of his biological father had never been killed. Not true of his mother, quite the reverse. 

Jesus hated conformity, just now am I seeing that, for the reasons that James just described.

What is highly esteemed in the eyes of man is abomination in the sight of god.

Jesus said to the religious leaders, You clean the outside of the cup but inside it is vile filth. Paraphrase.

Jesus said to them, You are like empty graves.

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.... Out of the evil of the heart evil things flow. Paraphrase.

He said in so many ways, make of the tree the good tree, or make of the tree the evil tree. Because the tree is known by its fruit. The purpose of our religious institutions and educational institutions is to make us as perfectly and brilliantly and completely as possible of the evil tree. Tree devoid of humanity. But beautifully so. Pleasingly so.

And on and on and on and on and on.

He hated the religious institutions, with their external conformity.

He hated the social institutions with their external conformity.

I have hated it my whole life. I now understand.

No credit to me, I understand, and have from the very beginning, that I am my humanity. My human being. And I understand that every child is born that. 

Jesus said, spirit is life, the flesh means nothing.

Jesus said, what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and to lose their own soul? And I learn that soul is a synonym with human being. Humanity.

If you were of the world, the world would love you. But you are not of the world. Jesus said to his disciples, though I think he was in a weak moment when he said so. Yes.

And this is how we get the obamas of the world, brilliant in their conformity, brilliant in their social skills, and the Bill Clintons. They wage inhumanity, perform Mass crimes against humanity foreign and domestic, with the most pleasing sheen, and do not know they are Dead Man's Bones. And neither do the conforming, dehumanized, masses.

I'll never forget the horror, tho now I'll understand it better, hope seeing my high school classmates at our 10-year reunion, so proudly and happily, elite cogs in the societal machine. It was excruciatingly painful to see then, and to think about now.

And now I understand much more clearly why I detest Christianity. Exterminating humanity, destroying the soul, in Jesus name.

And this is why it is exponentially possible to bring dead souls back to life. The capacity has been, the capacity of humanity, has been virtually extinguished from them. And for it to reawaken they would have to leave the zombie world that they have spent their lives plugging themselves into. They would have to leave, they would be evicted from. A notion far too horrible for them to contemplate. The matrix indeed.

Only the outcasts, quite possibly outcasts because they too at some level would not let their Humanity be destroyed by the system, have a prayer. But not without divine intervention.

And this sheds huge light on why the camel has a greater chance of getting through the eye of a needle, then the rich person, rich in their place in the machine, of getting into the Kingdom of Heaven within them. 5heir humanity.


  1. So well put I thought I was the dictating those words! Thank GOD for the parents that give life! Pray for the ones that allow our children to be devoured by the wolves! Pray for all in JESUS name! ♥️


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