Disciple James log: Is reawakening dead Humanity the path that Jesus leads us to? I think so.

 Is  reawakening Humanity, in ourselves, and those that we can reach, in those that we might possibly reach is that the task that Jesus leads us to? I think so. what is more joyful than raising folks from the dead? What death is more important more real or agonizing more destructive, more deadly than death of our Humanity? Death of the humanity of others? Voice typing while cycling.

Long have I thought that the parable of the talents repeated multiple times was about the teachings and example of Jesus. No longer am I certain of that. Seems more likely to me now that if that is partly true that alongside it is a more important truth. That the talent is our Humanity. Creator given, evolution given, God given for our own Joy and in its use for the joy of Creator and Jesus. 

And the purpose of life is to preserve the humanity we have and strengthen and deepen it. So that we can inspire it to come alive again in others, and to be strengthened and deepened. Everything good would come of that. Nothing good can come without that.