Disciple James log: Jesus, history's true revolutionary. Empire co-opted him with christianity.


 My point is that it is almost impossible to see Jesus revolution because for 2,000 years we've been substituting something else, christianity, in its place.

Jesus revolution was where property, material things, stuff, had no value. None. The only value was the joy of living in the radiant approving presence of creator, behaving as Creator wants us to do. That's it.

If you understand what I just said, you will agree that it has never happened.

Not in any Western cultures. Certainly not in the united states, exactly the opposite.

After the Trump global apocalypse, maybe there'll be another chance, hardly anyone will be left, they might be open to giving it a try.

For this I live, and to possibly heal and help resurrect the humanity of someone else, and mine in the process.