Disciple James log: Jesus spoke truth to power, the disciple therefore must do the same.


A negative review is extremely rare from me. Any negative vibes from me that I'm aware of are extremely rare. I'm called to be humane. Radically humane. I enjoy catching people doing things right.

And I'm writing this because I'm somewhat concerned about my behavior in several instances yesterday including this negative experience and interchange and review. I'm willing to decide it was mistaken. But what I seem to be realizing is that in appropriate situations if such negatives are not forthcoming from me I am no disciple of Jesus.

Jesus spoke of and to the scribes and pharisees, the evil nasty cold-hearted religious of his day, in the harshest possible terms, and in flipping the tables, in the harshest possible way. 

He said, do not think I came to bring peace, but to divide. By that I think he meant divide truth from evil, understanding ofgood from understanding of bad. Good behavior from bad behavior. Good understanding from bad understanding. 

And very often he judged that doing that in harsh terms was what was called for, for the perpetrator, and for the onlookers. 

I must take into consideration that james, the one writing here, is very physically exhausted. And James will keep that in mind as he thinks this through but so far he thinks that his behavior was correct. Called for. A kindness. Humane. a good thing. 

This stretch through Georgia the last couple of days is a least pleasant part of our journey so far. Just tremendous uncalled for rudeness. Run down gas stations, foreign owned, seeming to me just nastily draining resources out of the community, money grubbers. 

People without any sense of boundaries, putting their hands on the vehicle late last night, other really rude behavior. 

I'll keep this under advisement. Unleashing my Humanity especially when it's not comfortable has been my primary mode and if it is not to remain my primary or near exclusive mode, I need to understand whether or not that's correct. 

And this in the perspective of the wonderful insight yesterday, that I'm here not for the well-behaved, pleasant, comfortable, easy to get along with. I'm here for the broken, every disciple is. But often the broken need very tough love to have a chance of coming back to their humanity. It can be a fine line and James must become better and better and better at finding the proper line. 

And then his Facebook profile change last night. He has been patient, so patient, month after month after month after month after month. But again, as Jesus said, do not think I came to bring peace, but to divide. 

Within proper boundaries I must divide the deadly killing inhumanity of the silent cowardly willfully indecisive Americans on the Palestine genocide, I must divide from them or try to divide their comfort in that from themselves. 

Then Jesus rebuked the foul spirit and said, Thou dumb and deaf spirit, I charge thee, come out of him. Enter into him no more.

And...Whoever will not receive you, when ye leave that city, shake off the very dust from your feet as a testimony against them. So it would seem that such is part of the work of being a disciple. A particularly dangerous part because it invites straying into taking responsibility for what others do, judging others, but it doesn't have to be that, and James must continue to grow.

And...Woe to you also, ye lawyers! You load men with unbearable burdens and you yourselves do not so much as lay a finger on one of these burdens.

And...Every tree which does not bring forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire.