Disciple James log: The message I've been given to share.


It is somewhat hysterical, laughable, to me, to watch things unfold from me. It is about 10 months ago that I was told to take the idea of Jesianity through 46 states. 

And of course, as much to teach me, as for me to help others. 

I'm amused, I'm deeply grateful, to see what the essence is that it has taught me. And it is this, And this is the message I share with people: I was brought up in the church and have been close to it for 73 years. And the church and the Christian society have told me to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of hours studying and mastering everything from math and English and reading to business and psychology and electronics.... And never, ever, did anyone suggest to me, or have I ever heard it suggested to anyone, that they they study, understand, and master, 1010 teachings of the man jesus. No credit to me, a couple of years ago my soul said, james, that's crazy. Get to it man. And historically, that's criminal.

I'm 2 years into it, it is everything I always needed to have the kind of life I wanted to have, and I've got much of it now. 

I travel 46 States creator willing, Georgia tomorrow would be 25 I think, to simply share that message. 

It's an incredible privilege. And unlike months ago, it's a message that lands. Will anyone heed the input? Extremely doubtful. I have no idea. But I can see it land, every time. It registers. And somehow, that matters. And the attempt makes every breath of mine worth while, and ever, saving me from the despair of this hell world that would otherwise would crush me in a heartbeat.