Disciple James log: Sheep/Disciples, Agents, Humane, Deaf/Blind, Dead

James, the one writing here, if I'm not a sheep, I can't imagine what I am. If you can come up with a better explanation please tell me. 

If I have met another, it is Mark in cortez, I think he's moving from agent to sheep. 

The sheep are the disciples.

Sheep. Disciples: Jesus thousand and ten instructions are my savior. Jesus said, if you love me, you will keep my words. His words cannot be kept if they have not been brought into memory. A few of them? How incredibly insulting of jesus. Did he say ones that weren't important? Did he have time to waste? Do we really have that many that it is impossible to master them? We spend hundreds of hours studying crafts, scholastics, degrees, trades, mastering the teachings, committing them to memory. And all the way up through our twenties, and some of us after that. And maybe I've met one other person that hears Jesus voice enough to think that his thousand and ten teachings should be mastered? This is the problem.

Agents: I'm drawn to jesus, I love my idea of him him, I'm beginning to seriously study HIS idea of him.

Humane: nothing special about Jesus teachings and example. Seems like he was a nice guy though. I like the story..... I like the Bible stories even more. But they've retained some of their Humanity anyway. Jesus says they will go to the resurrection of life.

Deaf/Blind: barely any Humanity in evidence, deafened and blinded by religion and culture. Possibly still some life left.

Dead: this is the tree, even with infinite nurturing, no signs of life. These are the ones that will be cast into the fire. Why let them take up space? The master said, this tree bears no fruit, no Humanity, cut it down. The servant, Jesus said, let me fertilize it and see if I can bring it back to life, back to humanity. If not, then we'll cut it down.


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