Disciple James log: We are taught to live in the real world, and that's insane.

We are taught to live in the real world, and that's insane.

Which is the equivalent of saying to our children and to ourselves, beyond childhood, keep your humanity, keep your soul, keep your spirit that is Holy out of the picture or on a very very short leash. Be head and flesh. Stop being a mammal. Stop being a human being.

WWhich is to say be a machine. Be a cog.

But it's infinitely worse than that. We are extremely powerful creatures, our head and our flesh. And if they are not fully under the control of our soul, our humanity, our mammalian brain, our spirit that's holy, we are purely exploiting machines, exploiting and oppressing to whatever extent we can get away with. We can't do other than that left to their own control by our head and our flesh.

And this is both the crowning achievement of Western civilization, and the epitaph on the tombstone of humanity.

And not just Western Civilization unless the Roman empire is considered Western civilization, and maybe it is. Jesus saw it, and not only it, Judaism as it was practiced in the day, as without soul, as empty of spirit that is holy, empty of humanity, dead and killing.  head and flesh in charge

He said no, there is no price that anyone can justify for killing their own soul, their own humanity, their own holy spirit. Rather, any price that it costs, and it costs investing your whole life, in maintaining and increasing the vitality of your soul, your holy spirit, your humanity, is what needs to be done, he did it, he showed us, and he left his detailed instructions.

Don Quixote de la mancha.

Mr dowd played by Jimmy Stewart in the story, harvey.