Disciple James log: 1 path ONLY is Jesus, tho Many wonderful paths there may be.

June 6, 2024

1 path ONLY is Jesus' path, tho Many wonderful paths there may be. 

This simple, obvious, inarguable truth, seems to be impossible for people to see.

If anyone ever follows James here, Disciple James, a great tragedy has occurred. 

James intends to be, wants to be, is trying to be, thinks he is... a serious disciple, disciplined student of Jesus. 

That's not a title, it's a description of what he thinks he's attempting, that he and others can evaluate. 

James is not the master. He thinks that he can become a good disciple. Maybe not. But he has no conception. That he could ever approach being the master. Nor does he want to be. Nor does he need to be. 

If we could all get on Jesus' page, the page that is his gospel, every individual life would improve. And maybe collectively things would get better for some. 

Now this is different. This is different than saying that James might not be helpful for his efforts. A really apt analogy seems to be a study group for Einstein. Serious students. Serious students, very serious about mastering what Einstein mastered and had to teach. Students serious about mastering what Einstein mastered. That they would have a study group to accelerate and improve their own growth. It makes perfect sense. 

But do we imagine that they would quickly decide that someone else in the group was actually the master, not Einstein? Very unlikely, isn't it? 

And that's what has been done with Jesus for 2,000 years. 

But if there are, if in history that are serious disciples of Jesus, Jesus, James just doesn't see it. And that's okay? No. So either they have been disappeared from history, or James simply doesn't have the eye to see it, or hasn't looked in the right place. But disciples of Jesus? 

Jesusianity is the notion that there is only one master, that's Jesusianity. That's it. 

If there's anything else, it's that there is some disciplined student, and maybe several, that are trying to be disciples, and sharing their study notes. 

But Jesusianity is there is only one master. There need be only one master, there should be only one master. That's it. 

Well, when James shares that message, it's rare that it isn't understood at some level, though in a way that surprises people, because they've never thought of it, and they've never heard it. Never heard it. 

but what is not rare sadly is that after pondering what james has shared yeah you know i really like what rick warren has to say or yeah, and this verse from paul in the bible comes to my mind, or ecclesiastes, yeah that ecclesiastes comes to mind, or this guy on the radio i really like that, or Martin Luther King jr, or yeah this christian music i really like that...... 

We have been so indoctrinated for 2 000 years with the notion that someone, some intermediary, is the master that we we can't so far can't conceive that jesus is the master right there in the gospels. 

So if james is ever acting in a way contrary with what was just said why wouldn't you tell him? why wouldn't you let him know? he's not going to bite you. he might be very grateful to you. 

so having said this does james have some study notes some bumps and bruises to share with other would-be disciples? i think so.