Disciple James log: 100% it's about Humanity?

I think it may be that for Jesus it was 100% about humanity. 

God is the spirit of humanity. 

Children of God are those that embody nothing beside their Spirit of humanity. 

The Dead are those of unhumanity and inhumanity. 

His ministry and that of every disciple is for the rule of humanity over themselves, and to plant, invoke, encourage that Within every individual that can influence. On earth, as they would do in heaven. 

I think that's it.

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some real breakthroughs. 

Is it entirely a matter of summoning the spirit of humanity to humiliate and defeat the spirit of inhumanity? I think it may be. 

This insight prompted by the fellow that very, very carefully positioned his huge white truck next to Gospel and me at some danger to all of us so that he could blow exhaust for an extended period of time right in my 73 year old lungs in this mountainous area. 

And substantially, pretty much, I held on to my humanity securely, fairly easily. Genuinely, my humanity was holding on to me. 

And mustered a fairly genuine sustained long wave at this fellow as he went down the road. 

And that's when it hit me. James, it's 100% about Humanity attempting to Reign Over inhumanity in one self and affecting that in others. For the first time in these situations which have occurred often over the years, I've waved, I've held on to my humanity, but I didn't understand or experience the potential for victory, and a feeling of victory. Not over the individual, but over there in humanity. What sweet constructive Revenge in such a situation when the victim, James in this case, holds on to their sweet enthusiastic humanity. The perpetrator has not thought about defeating Humanity but that's exactly what was going on. And what an incredibly constructive opportunity for the potential witness of one holding on to their Humanity under such an onslaught.

Jesianity. Another epiphany today. About a year ago, heading north through the middle of the United States, I was in the United States. A woman stopped where I was in the parking lot late afternoon, getting ready for evening. And we spoke for a while about the things I would want to speak about. 

She was very taken and invited me to her church when she learned I was coming through her town in another day or so. I warned her. She persisted. 

It was a rich experience for me, of course. It was a Bible study in the evening with a micro slice of pizza as a meal.

 The subject was at least 1 of the verses being studied was The verse about  Take the log out of your own eye before you remove the speck from your brother's eye. And the young man very genuinely expressed the question that maybe everyone had. What does this mean? What is this about? 

So, earlier today, as I was awakening, I think, it hit me. Although the meaning has been fairly clear to me, a much clearer understanding of it hit me. What was Jesus drawing our attention to? 

 When we are critical of others, what we're implying to ourselves and others is, I really care about you being good. I really care about you being righteous. Which further implies that the one being critical really cares about being good and really cares about being righteous. 

But in those situations where we are directing our energy to what we perceive to be unrighteousness on the part of others, and we have not corrected all the unrighteousness within ourselves, what we are clearly showing is, I don't really care about righteousness because, if I did, taking care of it within myself would be the obvious place for me to work. 

What I care about is somehow asserting myself over another for whatever benefits when I direct my attention to the speck in their eye instead of the log in my own.