Disciple James log: Born humane beings, then made actors. Be born again humane beings

July 7, 2024

Born humane beings, then made actors. Be born again humane beings. 

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Hypocrite, in the Greek, means actor. 

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites. 

According to the Gospels, hypocrisy troubled Jesus, concerned Jesus, outraged Jesus more than anything else. 

In the Greek, hypocrisy means to act, a hypocrite, an actor. 

What has just occurred to James is the particular tragedy of being an actor. We were born in Creator's image. We were born pieces of Creator. We were born pieces of Creator. Beings of creator. Humane beings. We were born pieces of Creator. Our Holy spirit, our humanity. 

We trade that in for our acting abilities, for the roles we get in society, not in Creator's kingdom, but in society by acting the way society would have us act. 

And thereby we trade in our membership in the species that is Creator and become born not of Creator, not of God, as Jesus said, but born of blood, born of the will of man.

 headlights, this is why we have to hide ourself from God because we headphones, are not caring and we are telling the truth about the creator. If so can we pretend to be free things and die? Illegal, false, carried away by the bondman of God.

AAnd certainly that cannot be intrinsically joyful, there's nothing intrinsically joyful about it. It is entirely for extrinsic gratification, the pleasures of society.