Disciple James log: Choose your operating system

June 6, 2024

Disciple log, May 6th, I think. 

There are about 100 disciple logs from James on this site so far. 

And he's not sure that Jesus, well, no, Jesus would consider him a disciple. James is definitely trying. 

But what grade, white belt? 

It may be, as suspected by James a month or so ago, seemed like a final revelation, and it has been anything but. Smh. Though it may have been correct. Substantially correct. 

That the issue is which operating system you are running with. The will of the head and the will of the flesh might be how Jesus would term it. Two of them. Two of them. Two of them. Two of the three operating systems that we can run with, have run our lives. 

To that extent, operating system  may not be the proper concept, Maybe supervisory software. Better. Better. 

Will of the head and will of the flesh. Although Jesus referred to will of the flesh. In a way that he may have considered. Included both. 

But here James will say two options as James experiences it are will of the head and will of the flesh. 

And the third option. His will of His humanity. 

And his James' best estimate so far is that if Jesus had today's language. He would be comfortable with James saying that humanity writ large is God. And the humanity within James. Is creator. within. 

James the father never leaves me Jesus said because I always do what pleases him. James best estimate so far is that what Jesus was doing is having his humanity be his supervisory system in such integration that it gave him his words, that gave him his actions. I speak to you only what the father spoke to me, not a quote but a paraphrase. 

and using a new operating system or a new supervisory system is no trivial thing. it's frustrating if one is under pressure. it's frightening, it's alarming, if one is under pressure and are under different difficult dangerous circumstances because one doesn't know what to do. one hasn't mastered it. one doesn't know what to expect. 

and maybe it's actually a bad operating system, a bad supervisory system. it's a mistake maybe. it's got bugs in it maybe. it's totally inadequate. 

but if one has a current operating system that is hugely problematic, the will of the head and the will of the flesh, then it certainly makes sense to consider switching to a different operating system. 

well this seems like an important advance for James understanding it in these terms and in all likelihood until he crashes or or decides it's a mistaken understanding. It's what he's likely to make a priority of testing, practicing, learning.