Disciple James log: Diluted, Jesus doesn't Save, and other topics.



AI summary:

The main points of the text are as follows:

- The speaker is reflecting on their journey towards rejecting the programming of empire and embracing the teachings of Jesus in their life.
- They discuss the internal struggle between the spirit of empire (Satan) and their humanity, which they see as the only salvation for the human spirit.
- The speaker emphasizes the importance of staying in the kingdom, resisting fear and other temptations that may pull them out.
- They mention the challenges of balancing ideal circumstances with personal growth and the dangers of self-destructing by taking on too much too fast.
- The speaker reflects on the concept of being inviting as a way to stay aligned with the teachings of Jesus and avoid falling off the path.
- They also touch on the issue of attachment and the importance of finding joy in the journey rather than external validations.

In conclusion, the speaker is on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and transformation, seeking to align themselves with the teachings of Jesus and resist the temptations of fear, empire, and attachment. They emphasize the importance of staying in the kingdom, finding joy in the process, and being inviting as a way to navigate the challenges they face.


What I'm doing is crazy.  Total complete discipleship to Jesus, crazy.

To the spirit of empire within me, Satan, so carefully programmed and developed and hard-wired all these years by living in empire, is crazy. To my spirit of empire, it is absolute insanity.

To the spirit of my father that is within me, our father, my humanity, it is salvation itself. The only salvation for the human spirit. To return to the rule of... the creator within them, their Humanity. That is absolutely insane to empire. Totally insane. Certifiable. Certifiable.

And now that... I've cast off enough of the programming of empire. And am now taking Jesus... at full strength, undiluted, His thousand and ten instructions, Unadulterated, by anything, including Christianity, maybe especially christianity,  I'm making progress.

Definitely. Some moments, I'm in the kingdom. And... much of the time. I'm in the kingdom. In the kingdom of... the kingdom that Jesus dwelt in. The kingdom that Jesus dwelt in. with the ruler, his humanity.

Long have I been taken, months I've been taken, it was a turning point for me, with him saying, the Father never leaves me because I always do what pleases him. Yesterday, another verse caught my eye.

You do not believe me because you do not know my Father. Your Father is the other one. I say what the Father tells me. You do what you hear from your Father. Paraphrases.

So, it certainly seems near certain to James that he's not imagining this, he's not imagining this understanding of Jesus. Something, Jesus was pointing to something going on inside of us. And it is these, two warring entities, empire, the spirit of empire, Satan, so carefully acculturated within us these last 7,000 years of complex cultures. And our humanity, which is, DNA-given.

It's the only operating system, hardware and software, in every but the most cruelly deformed creatures that are not human.

And in humans, their Humanity is barely operating. In some, it is effectively, the circuits are effectively destroyed. And they've been so booby-trapped. And there is instinctual rejection of them, a fearful, Rejection of them by most.

And speaking of fear. Fear is probably the biggest temptation for James to be pulled out of. It is the most effective agent for pulling James out of the kingdom. Shutting down those circuits. Powering up Satan's kingdom. Within him. Physically so vulnerable. In the back of that. This wonderful vehicle. In a parking lot at night. Objectively.

And. He. Is somewhere between withdrawing from those fearful situations. And learning. Using them as a gymnasium. To understand. How to. Resist them. Prevent them from. Ripping James out of the kingdom.

How can James become stronger and able to help others. If he. Is able to reside in the kingdom only in the easiest most ideal circumstances?

Or if he self-destructs by jumping into difficulty way above his head too fast. It's a balance.

Jesus. Instruction.  Fear not that which can kill the body. Fear that which can. Kill the soul. And the body. And cast them into hell.... Is helpful

Praying the lord's prayer. Is hepful. Because of. Where it draws my. Mind and my nervous system. And what it empowered me to do. and what it disempowers.

Fear is not the only enemy of James. staying in the kingdom. there are other temptations. hubris is a loaded word oh you're not being humble. it sneaks up on James. when he's freelancing. like the so-called disciples did. they were freelancers free agents I'm not sure those are the right words but they went off and did their own thing.

and Jesus path is the path now that if undiluted for James it is the way the truth and the life. and it's punishing to fall off the path.

so James freelancing is by its innate by its essential nature outside the kingdom. it is James as computer, not James as subject of the loving Lord.

Internet, Oh boy is that a temptation Wow Facebook for all the right reasons.  for laudable reasons but nothing good can come from being outside of the kingdom. internet work is almost inherently um outside the kingdom. and as jesus says make of yourself the good tree the good tree can only bring forth good fruit; what is not the good tree can only bring four evil fruit. what is not being in the kingdom can only bring forth bad fruit. it's an absolute truth james is finding.

also, being inviting is a very helpful concept over the last couple of days. it's very helpful. James, is your being inviting? that does not and should not translate into okay try to be inviting. It is not a behavior thing, it's a state, it seems to correlate maybe a hundred percent, close to a hundred percent, with being in the kingdom, it's a extremely helpful calibration tool and when the answer is no, not being inviting, it so far invites the right kind of question: why james what's going on what is going on within you that you might want to adjust or change?

another big issue is attachment. falling off the path joy goes away a sense of deadness comes, although it can be an intoxicating and stimulating deadness. so it's not oh boy james is being bad, james is failing,... this isn't fun, how do we get back where it's nice? oh yeah. Example, attached to that last encounter that  really seemed to go well. james attached to the feeling of that so another useful instruction of jesus is: do not rejoice that you have cast out devils rejoice that your names are written in heaven; i presume that means  you're there! oh good great my name's on a wall. no it's not like that. being in heaven is well heaven! it's the only heaven! there isn't any other! and who wouldn't want it? james Good Thanks for watching! I can't imagine it.