Jesianity: Disciple categories


Disciples eat, breathe, dream, think... every single solitary available instruction of the master.... Michael Jordan, Taylor Swift, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Simone Biles......

... To gain mastery. So they become as the master.

Except Jesus. 

Until Now.

Jesianity is a project to facilitate the emergence of Disciples of Jesus. 

And probably until there are tens of thousands of such disciples, are there any today, until there are tens of thousands, the job of those disciples is to cause more people to become disciples. 

At least the primary job is to create more disciples. 

If only one or two persons had gained the capacity to perform general medical practice, would they best serve by doing treatment, after treatment, after treatment? Except in rare situations, no. They would best serve by causing the development of more general doctors of medicine. But yes, specializations, specialists, would quickly then emerge.

Much thought needs to go into this entire post. 

But practically speaking...  

Disciple James understands his call to be the establishment of disciples. 

That first medical practitioner referenced above, would devote themselves to causing more medical practitioners to proliferate. 

But those new ones might in most cases not do the same. They would return to their geography, and perform serve, treating folks, and, causing more medical practitioners. 

So as near as James, the one writing here, can imagine right now, their need immediately to be two types of disciple:

1. Those that serve communities in specific ways. 

  • Maybe they primarily write to proliferate Jesus way, in various communities.
  • Maybe they live and serve in a specific community in order to proliferate Jesus way.

2. But some need to devote themselves exclusively to causing the creation of new disciples. 

Disciple James understands that for the foreseeable future it is to the second category that he must devote every breath... exclusively to spawn true disciples of Jesus. Jesians.

And the project that is Jesianity is to fulfill this second category.

If there is something already existing that it is a4 all analogous to this, besides medical professionals, it may be Islam, at least as it is practiced in Palestine. 

It may be that Palestine is a true model of discipleship. The vast majority of that population seems to be devoted to mastering in mind, body, and soul, everything and anything they can know about the quran. 

And what godly people, beyond anything seen on earth, their way is creating. 

Jesianity maybe vastly more hopeful than that.

And the third photograph, immediately above, is Jesianity. Jesus 1010 instructions

It is one quarter of the number of words of the Quran, and unlike the Quran which has thousands of concepts, ideas, stories, the 2010 instructions of the man Jesus, Jesianity boils down to about 150

If there was ever an opportunity to get humans on the same page.... The page that Creator physically designed us to be on.... It is Jesus Jesianity.