Disciple James log. Discipleship is mastering Jesus' leadership back toward humanity

Jesus was called to be a leader.

 The disciple is one that can't stand not to be like Jesus in nature and direction, in training and understanding and in being called to be a leader by nature, no matter what happens.

His was a call, God's call, the disciples' is a call to completely surrender ourselves to god.  

And god can be understood as the humanity within us to completely surrender control of our lives to that impulse, that capacity, that DNA given circuitry, humanity, that we can never control but we can turn ourselves over to.

And all but one in a 100 million children of Empire find surrender to their own humanity so that terrifying, so inconceivable, so unnatural, that the impulse is understood as Insanity itself, torture itself. Whereas Jesus understood that impulse as sanity itself. God itself. Creator, the father, itself. 

So empire is made up of the 99.999% of people that have been successfully corrupted, that that impulse of humanity is suicide, is self-destruction.

Jesus job, therefore the job of the disciple, the way of the disciple, the being of the disciple, is to be surrender to their capacity for humanity. As purely as possible.

To be the instrument of that impulse to humanity, to be the instrument of god, the father. 

That it makes of the individual the only divinely hopeful way of being for a human being. 

And it is the way of being of every other creature, every other species.

And that impulse which is DNA given, creator given, is in virtually every individual. It was their natural state.

So there's a chance that it is latent there to be awakened from a coma, and through excruciating, exquisitely joyful rehab, brought back your life.

This is what that impulse would do! This is what that impulse does! We can see it in every other species except for human beings in complex societies.

Life naturally is complete surrender to that impulse and therefore it is the pure embodiment of that impulse for humanity.

The curse of human beings is that they have the capacity to step away from that. No other species has the capacity to step away from their obedience to creator, besides the human species. 

And in small Aboriginal untouched tribes by Empire it is more the natural way of being than not. The word, the very notion of I, let alone the word for I, does not exist in some of their languages. They cannot understand themselves as separate from all life... we...us.

And the children of empire, originally children of God... empire quickly yanked them out of creators Kingdom into its own. 

The children of Empire are made children of Empire exactly by subverting That impulse, convincing the child that the humanity impulse is nice, but crazy. It can be brought out on a very short leash occasionally, but it is irresponsible, it is evil, it is destructive to follow that impulse which is the only creative life impulse.