Disciple James log: Discipleship - Waging humanity? Being waged by humanity? Yes.


Waging humanity? Being waged by humanity? That's the question.

And the correct answer is, both. 

Disciple James here is converging on the answer, and it may take more lifetimes than he has, but he is converging.  That is he's not in a static place, steps forward, a few steps back, but mostly steps forward toward Mastery.

Hmmm, mastery....

One can master, probably one can master neuroscience as it is understood at a point in time, which is maybe something fairly complex. Humans can Master a body of knowledge. 

One can master Einstein's physics understanding, but one can't master physics, or golf, oh what a horrible sport in so many levels. One can't master  master cycling Soul, Smh, but he can converge on mastery. 

Mastery of non-finite things is a spiral, it is retracing steps, it is coming to the top of mountains, it is falling down into valleys. Ouch! Itis climbing Mount Everest only to find out that there are higher mountains than Mount Everest in the range! 

But climbing toward mastery like Jesus had is the quintessential goal, worthy pursuit, worthy project.

Why? Ii is the quintessential meaning. 

The problem is that of all the creatures the human species has the ability to degenerate.  The only species that is inhumane is the so-called human species.

And virtually no child is born inhumane, we make them inhumane.

Our cultures which beyond small tribes, Aboriginal tribes, native tribes, on whatever continent, complex societies become Petri dishes for Empire cultures. Empire cultures.

Jesus idea was that on the individual level, on the small group level, on the large group level, on the level between large groups... Jesus idea was that this was bad, empire cultures was intrinsically evil, deadly, terminal.

That this was horrible, that empire culture is intrinsically and inescapably suffering on a mass scale; that was human made, not natural, human made, not God made.

That joylessness on a mass scale was human made, not natural, not necessary. 

And because apparently of his brilliance both intellectual and emotional, he was called on by suffering people, to lead a violent revolution.

But he understood that he was being called to lead the opposite. Not a revolution  to change the shape of Empire. He saw that was no revolution at all.

His vision was yes, a revolution, but the revolution which by whatever name is returning one by one, being reborn one by one, into the humanity that we had as a young child. 

And disciple James, as if by some irresistible power, is being pulled to bring the man Jesus, his instructions and example, into the 2024 world by, Making making of himself a disciple, thereby a conduit, for the master...  a catalyst for more disciples to do the same. 

Well, today's Log entry is working with a new understanding, waging humanity, and being waged by his humanity.

It might be that they are neurobiologically inseparable, and that's probably the case.  

But that doesn't mean that one aspect cannot take dominance over the other short-term maybe long-term.

Waging humanity suggests that it is something that the actor, the one acting, the one taking action, does.

Being waged by humanity suggests someone turning themselves over to the neurobiologically given and hopefully rehabilitated, rehabilitating, Humanity. And exercising humanity by nature rehabilitates it.  Exercising a circuit strengthens the circuit and allows other circuits to atrophy. 

And what he knows is that he is glad to see these 2 aspects of one's humanity because now he has a chance of learning How best to work with them and developing his circuits as best to work with them.