Disciple James log: First, Protect your own humanity James!

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health. jesianity.info/search/label/Jesus
Synonyms for Humanity

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health. https://www.jesianity.info/search/label/Jesus


James, if you love humanity, you love humanity within yourself first, right?  

Take the beam out of your own eye, James, before you worry about the speck in others. 

Wow, what a wonderful new insight these last couple of days. 

For many months now, James has known and at times remembered that he hates the way he feels when the will of his head and the will of his flesh are in charge. And yet it keeps happening. 

He's just now realizing that part, maybe even most, of what he hates in that feeling is that it is the absence of his humanity. He has lost his humanity each moment that it is not in charge. What does it benefit a man to gain the whole world and lose their own humanity? And yet, this is what James does repeatedly when he's furious at the horrible road conditions, like now, for example. He's lost his humanity. 

That's not a criticism or negative comment toward James, whether or not that's true. It's an awareness that really, James, really, really, really, you want to lose your humanity in those situations? Those gawking drivers that are so dangerous and so horribly interfering with the travel. Really, you would rather unleash the will of your head and the will of your flesh to be judgemental and angry than to hold on to your humanity in those situations? 

Learn to do that, James. 

And I'm pretty sure, now that he sees this, is beginning to see this choice, no, I don't. I don't. I don't want to. I hate it when my humanity is not what's ruling in me. 

Love Creator, which I understand to be humanity. If they're not the same thing, they're inseparable. Love Creator with your whole, God, with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind, your whole strength. 

Well, when I'm angry at something, when I'm furious at something, when I'm judging something, I am not loving Creator within me, my humanity, God. I've unknowingly, at least until now, chosen to displace it. And it hurts. It stinks. It feels so wrong. It feels so lousy. It feels like separation from God now that I think of it. 

So there's your work, James. If you love humanity and you sure seem to think you do, you sure seem to experience that you do, then seek first within yourself, James. You have your best chance, by far your best chance, of increasing humanity in the world if you stop decreasing it within yourself.

Oh, and how do I reflexively displace my humanity, let me count the ways....

  • Fury at criminally loud vehicles on the road, in parking lots at night...
  • Fury at the gawkers, the drivers that make things so dangerous, such obstacles, they're infuriating inconsiderate.
  • Obsessions with the difficulty of finding safe places to park at night.
  • Obsessions over little things that James could learn to do better that make absolutely no difference in terms of increasing Humanity in the world, though they are intellectually stimulating.
  • And on, and on, and on, and on, and on....