Disciple James log: The healer of humanity provides reflection opportunities.


The healer of humanity provides reflection opportunities.

Maybe, just maybe, beginning to understand Jesus instruction, jesus, discipleship. Just maybe.

1. Jesus divine value was humanity, it was the father, the father went Within us. Humanity within us is the child of god. That we exiled from ourselves but sometimes not Beyond retrieval.

2. Healing humanity, restoring humanity, was his work, that if his disciples, and that of his followers.

3. Jesus instructed that providing opportunities for reflection is Central to the healing process. The crowd was going to Stone the woman and asked Jesus what they should do. He knelt down and Drew in the sand. Giving an opportunity for them to reflect. They asked again. He said, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. The scripture says that it pricked their conscience. He provided two opportunities for them to reflect.

4. Likewise, he is instruction above, turn the other cheek, provides an opportunity for the victimizer to reflect.

In light of these new understandings I made gain much better understanding of his instructions.