Disciple James log: The horrible evil hateful things in the world are why we make of ourselves disciples.


James, the horrible drivers that make things so dangerous, that make you so enraged.... James, they are why you are here. They are why you are a disciple.

They are among the damaged Humanity. 

Imagine the otherwise decent doctor or nurse, it suddenly finds herself outraged at people forgetting sick, forgetting hurt! He rages, they are so stupid! They are so careless! They're so irritating because of their injuries and sicknesses 

To absurd to imagine, right? 

Well too often that's james. He is exactly here because, what makes life worth living for him is, trying to help broken souls. And yet often he's just projecting his anger and rage at them. James, you need to stop this.

James, you are not here to risk inflicting on them more of what has already damaged them. You really don't want to do that james, do you? 

Instead of raging, james, wage your Humanity of them. That's what life for you, that's what's joy for you, that's what makes things bearable for you, that's your soul alive. 

Counsel yourself james. Out loud when necessary. Replace these bad habits with good ones, okay? For the collective joyful abundant Life of it? Thanks.