Disciple James log: I need coach jesus, everyday, all day. No shame in that.


Simone biles, the Great gymnast, I wonder how many days she does not need the best coach she can get? Not many, I'll guess.

The last three or four days are experienced as being fairly easy. They've gone quite well in every regard. 

And that's worrisome. Pride goes before the fall. 

When things are going well, the feelings that arrive, the perceptions that arrive.... Oh, I've got this. I know what I'm doing. And we can go on autopilot! And I suppose most significantly, we can do this alone! We can do this instinctively! As a matter of fact, and this is continuing with the mistaken mode we go into, we can rely on our attachments! We can, if we just stay attached! To the feelings we've got! It'll go fine! And the attachments take greater hold and greater hold and greater hold. And then we are in trouble. 

We're at least a little bit more alert today, having piled up real bad a couple of weeks ago when we fell into this trap. That we can do it alone. There's no guilt associated with that. There's a whole shitload of pain. 

The next couple of days will indicate whether we're getting much better. At what? At embracing the demonstrable truth based on our experience. We can't do it alone. We shouldn't try. There's no reason to want to. Except for pride and ego, I suppose. Laziness. Laziness, it requires energy to stay in touch with the Master, Jesus, his instructions. 

We're learning, and becoming better at, I hope, Always wanting to be in front of the Master. For the focus and enlightenment that provides. The guidance. That it innately... provides. We'll see. 

Keeping in mind. Keeping Jesus operating in mind. It automatically, or somewhat automatically, crowds out... Laziness. the relaxing narcotic of judging others. Hey, why can't they do better? Why are they making so much noise? What's wrong with them? In addition to providing this innate guidance, when your mind is on the Master, the ways of the Master are brought closer to awareness.