Disciple James log: June 21, 2024 update

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health. jesianity.info/search/label/Jesus

  • Feeling like a stable novice disciple. That's pretty strong progress. The next couple of weeks will be telling, but it seems that the agonizing faceplants of the last couple of months, have been important learning opportunities and we have grown from them in our abilities it seems.
    • Maybe James is much stronger in wanting to be of his humanity, his holy spirit, much more aware of when the will of the head and the will of the flesh are taking over, and acting immediately and aggressively to invoke his Humanity using a variety of devices recently discussed.
    • He simply is more aware in recent weeks that he prefers the feeling of living from his Humanity, and really really does not like the way it feels to live from his will of Flesh and will of head. So it's been easier for him than before to pursue the one and avoid the other. Stay tuned, until it's not. But he thinks his competence is growing substantially.
  • There are two or three or four interactions per day, people approaching the vehicle and inquiring and with almost no exceptions James experiences that he is communicating more clearly from a more clear experiential base in a way that people are hearing and understanding and relating positively to.
  • A North star for James is increasing the amount of humanity in the world. With a particular but not exclusive Focus on young people in Generations hence. James, Deliver Us humanity, and as you continue to find that jesus' example and instructions are the best way to deliver that, keep spreading that word, his Jesianity.
  • Where as James has a broad curiosity and interest in things, the above has him gladly and responsibly focusing as much or more than ever. Do religions, the major ones, have substantial overlap in their core principles with Jesus example and instructions? They do. Is that a worthy area of academic and practical pursuit? It is? Is it one that James can see engaging in in the short medium or even long-term? No. Not until he Masters jesus' example and instructions, and/or proves to himself in the process that they are not the uniquely helpful medicine that he thinks they are.
  • Maine is the next point on the map from the Allentown area where we are tonight at an approximate 25 or 30 miles a day.
  • Gospel, this wonderful vehicle, is 10 times more stable than it was a year or two ago. Still problems, but really very rare. That may well continue.
  • There's something relatively inhospitable about new england, everything so expensive especially land. This is likely to be a more stressful time than the last month or so. Harder to find safe acceptable places to park at night. Roads at least as dangerous and maybe more so. And that's fine. Stress testing Jesianity is a good thing.
  • And the heat, spring storms, and summer storms that are likely to be quite deadly. All part of the challenge. All good stress testing.
  • And if Nebraska is achieved, 46 States achieved, what then? I would guess start 46 dates again. Take Jesus gospel, Jesianity, through 46 States again. I can't think of more meaningful work for me. Or for anyone. Jesianity is 200 years overdue. 
  • And this website. Note the disclaimer added to almost every post, that everything except what moves one toward discipleship of Jesus is destructive of health. That's it. That's cheesy entity. And some study notes and assistance from disciples in process. James is learning and growing everyday. It's really amazing. But the website is pretty stable now. And if it goes much further, if it makes things much clearer, it ceases to be the potential essential rehab site that the desperately crippled after feed souls, humanity, of the would-be disciple, the would be follower, it ceases to be the rehab site that they need.