Disciple James log: Like eyesight, one's humanity is effectively a human organ


One's capacity for being humane, it's like eyesigt, a facility, an organ, almost, that we can tap into, surrender to, or not. 

We can influence our eyesight, we can influence, we can focus it. But we can't choose what the read out is. We can be blind to what the read out is, but we can't change the actual read out.

We can use it. 

No, we can choose to learn to get past our bias's to the most unclouded possible view of our eyesight or not.

And our capacity for humanity, our capacity for being humane, is just like that. 

By choice, we cannot use it, which is the crowning achievement of, the necessary achievement of, Empire.  Blinding us, blinding our humanity, physically eviscerating it through inactivity and punishment.

But those circuits in some of us, maybe all of us, but in some of us, can be regenerated.

And this is the task that Jesus calls us to, in ourselves, and others.

And it is frightening in a ways. 

There are times that we want to close our eyes, we don't want to see what our eyes would show us. And we may blind ourselves.  We may turn our attention away from something that is not to the liking of our head and flesh.  Because there is a control over us that clear vision has, undistorted vision has. 

There are involuntary responses that vision causes.  If a finger is about to poke in your eye, involuntarily it's going to activate your  nervous system to attempt to avoid that.

And so it is with our humanity.

And the crowning achievement of Empire is to train us that we want our humanity blind.

We want that our humanity blind, that that's life that that's right, that that's just, that that's sane,  that that's healt, that that's where positive life comes from. By having our humanity blind.

 Jesus saw differently. Jesus saw such blindness was walking death.

Disciples by that name or otherwise have have returned to possession by the awareness that the vision that is humanity, that capacity in charge, that capacity unclouded, unleashed, is life itself. 

And unless by some mercy they are as perfect as Jesus, unless by some mercy an aspiring basketball player is the equal of Michael Jordan, they're going to study every move he's ever made for countless hours to accelerate their ability, their capacity, returning to the perfection that Michael Jordan had. 

And even then may find themselves propelled beyond. But who cares?