Disciple James log: Self-care fail. Take heed!

I'm fine, but it is borderline frightening how exhausted I realize I am. Consuming this protected space like medicine. Every second. Holding myself to the standard that by tomorrow morning I'll be ready to resume. 

Note to james, you need to do this every week, hold yourself to that standard, to be ready for the next week. You need that level of understanding regarding the sabbath. 

At least till tomorrow and probably longer, I am staying off of any online media interaction of any sort. It's physically necessary right now, let alone spiritually. It's difficult, but it's necessary.

I am doing, like this, selective outbound online stuff. Hope I'm not being unfair to others. 

I'm being used as some sort of fire hose conduit. Thank god. But it's exhausting. 

Dangerously so if I don't manage it properly.

Serious daily meditation several times a day seems to be necessary.

It seems that my humanity is waging itself on me. Forcing me to rest deeply and recover for the upcoming work. Jesus said, your father in Heaven knows what You need.

Disciple James