Disciple James log: Those fighting alongside Jesus are in life and death battle for the soul. Don't interfere with them. Why would you do that?


The disciple is a warrior. an unviolent warrior. The disciple is at war to reduce suffering in the world, and to increase joy in the world. That is 99.9999% of what matters to the disciple of jesus. As it did to Jesus before us. 

So anyone looking for a friend, a pal, a companion, someone to have fun with.... they do not want to look to the disciple. 

How harsh was jesus? Such a taskmaster to himself, to those working with him. Always at war for the soul, for humanity, never off the field of battle.

Jesus wanted that for everyone. For the intrinsic joyful abundant Life of it.

He never tried to impose it, that would be to get between a person and the father. 

Jesus gave us every breath to try and make it available to people. 

He is a warrior, and he and his disciples are harsh. War is harsh. Because the world is so darn harsh, we've ignored him for 2000 years and made such a mess of things.

For Jesus and his disciple it's a life or death battle every breath. They live in a foxhole. On the battlefield.

Anyone considering interacting with the disciple needs to keep this in mind. Or they will feel hurt, offended, bruised, disregarded. No. The disciple is on a field of battle, single-minded, trying to save souls. It's tough work. 

If you can respect that, great! Otherwise, at least don't interfere with them, okay? They have a right to do what they're doing. And they think there's a need.