Disciple James log: Trying out a copilot.

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health. jesianity.info/search/label/Jesus

June 25, 2024

A new traveling companion have I. I'm traveling with my supervisor. 

Never in my 27 years of industry or any other role have I worked for someone. It is constitutionally impossible for me. To turn over the responsibility for my life. To a supervisor or superior or boss. 

But having said that. It was tremendously helpful. To have a mental. And sometimes physical. Relationship. With a supervisor. 

The focus. The sounding board if only mental in my imagination. Was tremendously helpful. To achieve intensity clarity. 

And to avoid. Ubiquitous. Distractions. 

That has not been available to me. These last 25 years. 

But today the thought occurred. James. Keep Jesus with you. In your imagination. Have him travel with you. In your imagination. In your mind's eye. 

That's exactly what I did. In my business career. No one was watching me. It was all in my mind's eye. In my imagination. 

Which is not to belittle it. It's an incredible capacity. That we humans have. 

Well it has been very helpful today. Time will tell. How long it will be helpful. 

As I have written. There are now. Probably a dozen devices. That I turn to. During the day. Many times a day. As. Something reminds me. Some experience in the moment. Reminds me. Maybe. My spirit that is holy. My humanity. My limbic system. My mammalian brain. Is being displaced. By the will of my head. Or the will of my flesh. Thank goodness for those devices. 

And as I've. Written. Recently. I'm fairly certain. That the nervous system. Values novelty. And devalues. Routine. That is. Of the many devices. That I have now. Been given. By. God. In this war. To keep. My soul. My limbic system. My mammalian brain. My humanity. In charge. Of me. There seems to be a shelf life. The nervous system says. Well. This has been going on. For. 24 hours. Or 48 hours. Or. Five hours. Or. Four hours. Or. . Let's. Hack around this. 

It is. Possible. James thinks. That. A device. Maybe this relationship. Keeping. Jesus. As. My. Co-pilot. In. My. Mind's. Eye. It's. Possible. That. Some. Device. Will. Be. Discovered. That. Is. Very. Persistent. And. Or. That. Continued. Practice. Will. Make. The. Time. Will. Tell. 

And. Maybe. James. Isn't. Making. Progress. At. All. But. It. Feels. Like. Tremendous. Progress. Accelerating. This. Last. Month. After. Several. Weeks. Of. Very. Painful. Face. Plants. Per. Say. Point. Is. To. See. If. There. Is. A. Way. Of. Being. That. Avoids. The. Face. Plants. 

And. It. Is. Seeming. Like. James. Has. Made. Major. Progress. On. That.