Disciple James log: Will I get the barnacles before they sink me?


Will I get the barnacles before they sink me?  

My endless war against attachments, the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, the will of the flesh. I have to admit that so far I'm at a standstill.

A big problem is days that are relatively effortless. And those are days that apparently the Barnacles are furiously attaching without me noticing. 

And then I stall. And it's painful. It's intensely unpleasant. Worrisome. Fearful.

Can I find the discipline to be proactive at removing barnacles?

I have a hunch that this is what the five times a day prayer in Islam is attempting to do with some considerable success from what I can see.

What I should do, is to have a regimen of two or three or four or even five meditation. Per day. Especially when things are going well.

And if I Implement such periods, at the end of each to summon my relationship visually to the man jesus. And to summon my focus to what may be my most effective North star, seeking to make more likely an additional particle of humanity in the future.

This is the two, three, for, or five times a day checklist procedure that I intend to try:

Barnacles blasting:


Lord's prayer

Seek how to Delight Jesus, creator, humanity? Or are you starving unto death again? Live to the delight of your humanity.

How to increase future humanity

Am I on autopilot, trying to do it alone?

 If you have anything james, you have not sold it all and given to the poor.