Disciple James log: Your heavenly Father knows what you need.

Your heavenly Father knows what you need.

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health. jesianity.info/search/label/Jesus


Jesus saying this caused me to realize that one's Humanity in charge, one's soul in charge, it's not self-destructive. It knows what is needed by the work and encourages the servant to have what is necessary. Not more, but what is necessary.

And like everything Jesus, that's a very helpful insight for me.

It might not stop there, I just realized.

As with this and the prior two logs, the thoughts are new, and time will tell.

But Jesus saying is bringing to my mind with greater insight a thought that I've had over recent years of an alternative economy. For lack of a better term.

Until he was about 50 James played substantially by Humanities rules, and it was lucrative materially.

And those years taught James that playing by society's rules is not life. And he decided to turn in the direction of radically serving the neediest souls around him expecting it to be physically terminal quickly, and he accepted that.

But here he is 23 years later. Hasn't kicked the bucket yet. Hasn't gone back on his decision. He serves the neediest souls among him and takes the consequences.

This proves nothing. Nor should it be ignored.

And it may be the kind of thing that Jesus was talking about.

Fortunately my habit of looking to the heavens as the location of the father's kingdom, fortunately that habit is in the process of being broken. With some effort. Instead looking horizontally in my mind's eye, to my fellow creatures including humans, the kingdom of God is within you.

And a way to understand my survival these last 23 years physically, is that the angels in that kingdom, the humanity that still lurks in some of us, has not let James work come to an end. Close. Very close. But so far has not let it come to an end. The heavenly father knows what his workers need and sometimes provides. And sometimes not.

And when James finds himself obsessing about where he can peacefully stop for the night when it's unclear, and such things, he will be putting these words of Jesus more to the test. James, do your work. Devote every breath to being the best disciple of Jesus, the most humane, the best child of the Heavenly father, that you possibly can be. Put your faith there. Even more than you have been. The father will notice, and if it is the Father's will, the father residing in people wherever they may be, the father may decide to keep you going. And if not, what of that? Mind your own business James.