Disciple log: What if Jesus father, our father, doesn't exist, but it doesn't matter?

What if Jesus father, our father, doesn't exist, but it doesn't matter?

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7/8.24 rough transcript. 

What if Jesus' Father, our Father, God, does not exist? As Jesus described him or her, but does not really exist. Would it make any difference? Does the world not work that way, either way? And more particularly, is the optimally gratified life not living as though it was true? Pretending the Jesus father really exists? 

As the thoughts of recent disciple logs develop themselves, it seems as though the answer may be yes. 

James disbelieves that there is a sentient God, now or ever. But what if living as though the Father, God, that Jesus described, did exists? Would it make any difference? And one chose to live accordingly. Would it not be an extremely gratified life?  

To live as the prodigal son finally lived? 

To return to what the son understood as the father's will, glad for the basics that would generally come from doing the father's will?  that, that was the only way. Doing what he understood of the Father's will. Glad for the basics that the Father would provide. Glad to do the work of the Father for the intrinsic joy of doing so. 

James is beginning to give this a try. 

He is expecting it will be a long-term experiment. If not lifelong. And is already experimenting with it. And encouraged, gratified, amazed by the results. 

Do the Father's will. Beyond that, take no care for the material. Tomorrow, Creator will provide if it pleases her. And not if it doesn't. And what of that? 

And Creator only expects her children to do their best. Every breath. Not sometimes. Every breath. That's it. Does any decent parent expect other than that? Does not every decent parent rejoice in that? And the child?