Disciples James log: We are Disciples of Jesus for the same reason someone would be a disciple of the greatest heart surgeon. We're not stupid. And we seek to collaborate with others in gaining mastery.


The disciple of Jesus is the disciple precisely for the fact that they Revere the teacher, the source, as would the disciple of Einstein, the disciple of Keanu Reeves, disciple of trump, disciple of Michael jordan, the disciple of Taylor Swift, the disciple of the greatest heart surgeon

Disciples are scrupulous to distinguish their ideas, their own judgment, their own perceptions, from that of the master so that they don't dilute or pervert the ideas of the master but leave them pure to study and learn from and master.

So that they constrain themselves? They subordinate themselves to that discipline? Jamaica of themselves cult members? No. They wisely worship the value of pure information from the source and wish to cloud it not at all. 

So that they are empowered to use their own capacities to grow from the pure source. 

Disciples of all the people mentioned above approach it this way. It's not with jesus. They give his words and teachings little if any time. They satisfy themselves with some idea that they conjure of him.

Something else, serious students of an advanced physics teacher on the one hand keep the source information pure. But on the other hand they have study notes, they have study groups, they help each other gain mastery and understanding of the source material. 

Again, no one does that with jesus. But true disciples do whenever they have the opportunity, greedily.

And these study groups in other domains, there is a small industry, cliff notes and such.

It is a massive task to understand a master and the serious student looks for all such help. Unless it comes to jesus. 

Except disciples clamor for such.