Jesianity: Disciple of many is a disciple of none.

The disciple of everyone is the disciple of no one. 

If someone's a disciple of Michael Jordan or Simone Biles, let's say Simone Biles, they're not a disciple of Simone Biles and Person B and Person C and Person D. 

If they're  someone serious about achieving significant success, it's all about focus. Everything less than that is self-delusion. 

Well, Christianity quickly comes to mind. And part of the brilliance of Christianity is exactly to take the focus off of Jesus. 

Christians, if they're disciples, they are disciples of everyone in the Bible, which renders Jesus' teachings and example of no effect. 

Has anyone ever thought of being a disciple of Jesus since the original days, since Christianity? The answer seems to be no. 

Some wonderful souls have been inspired by him, and I suppose are inspired by him. But they go off and, gee, who was he in history? And what did he mean? 

Everything except for, well, maybe he meant what he said. Let's be a disciple of that. 

James, disciple James, the one speaking here, is exactly trying that. That is his experiment of twenty-five years now. And more intensely these last two years. 

And all indications are, it will continue until his last breaths.