Disciple James log: Humanity - Exercise it, or Exorcize it. No third option. Use it or lose it.


Humanity - Exercise it, or Exorcize it. No third option. Use it or lose it. Inhumanity, like entropy, is the default option.

Very rough transcript, the video might be more helpful.

Not conclusive, but strong affirmation these recent days, of the life-giving, necessary, many times a day, system refresh, system reset, operating system reinstall, recognized about a month ago, but not the central mechanism of a system reset. 

It has taken various forms, and it may have to take various forms, because it's a way of getting the attention of the system. Waking up the system. Breaking through the fog, breaking the Stranglehold that spirits of head and flesh often get. Waking up and empowering of humanity, the operating system of creator, that should every breath be in charge as the optimal. 

So it may be that it has to be cycled from day to day, which of the phrases, mantras if you will, to use. It may be somewhat situational. 

The most promising these last couple of hours is humanity. Humanity to humanity, James. Humanity to humanity. 

Another form has been Jesus, your humanity, please. Jesus, your humanity, please. 

Another form has been your humanity, please. Thinking in mind of evoking from creator and Jesus, your humanity, please. 

And other forms that have been helpful in the recent weeks and months. Spirit holy, James, spirit, holy. Spirit, holy, James. Spirit holy, James. Holy. Spirit holy, James. Spirit holy. 

And another time screaming at God for help with all this. Screaming. Screaming on an empty road. Nothing working. Everything going wrong. Screaming at God and Jesus. Please help me. Please get me back. Get me back into your kingdom. Not for me, there's no hope outside of your kingdom. 

And humanity to humanity is the most promising. 

But again, cycling through multiple may well be necessary and no disadvantage. 

And that the whole thing, what was sacred to Jesus, he talked about, in multiple ways. The Holy Spirit, Jesus was categorical. The one Unforgivable sin, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. 

But he spoke with equal reverence about the abundance of the heart. He spoke about, make of yourself the good tree. He said that those who were good will go to the resurrection. Those who did good will go to the resurrection. I actually, I think of what he said. Those that are just will go to the resurrection. 

Those are all features of humanity. So it is Disciple James' best understanding that had Jesus had the word, had it been in their language, which it may or may not have been, Humanity is what he is referring to. 

Humanity is creator within us. Humanity is the inbuilt function, as eyesight is a function. The inbuilt function and capacity that is what it means to be made in creator's image. The flesh means nothing. The spirit is life. What does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose their own soul? 

The soul is also another way he spoke of the divine within us, life within us, creator within us, and it is certainly either another way of referring to humanity or an aspect of humanity. 

Jesus was on a life-saving mission. He considered one's humanity to be life. 

The prodigal son had left the humanity of being a dutiful son of a loving father, for the inhumanity of self-service. And was dead, the father said, and came back to his humanity, and was alive again. 

So humanity is life and death for Jesus. And life and death for all of the humane. It is what they value above their own pulse. It is what they sacrifice their own pulse and material life and material well-being for. Humanity. 

And those on the verge of health confuse humanity. With that which is one degree of freedom away. Living in a beautiful countryside, walking through a beautiful forest. That's not creator. But it can evoke creator. It can also evoke a evil shadow that seems like creator,  which is a evil which is self-serving and selfishness. 

One can go into nature in order that they can go back out into the service of the humanity, go back out into the service of the neediest. 

The divine, service to humanity, which is what we're here for, Which is life itself. which is life itself because it is the exercise of humanity itself . 

 Going to nature to live there, to escape there. . . . , that's the opposite of serving humanity, one's own. is the opposite of serving humanity one's own or one's fellows and 

this most promising system interrupt described earlier in this log Or one's fellows. . . . And this most promising system interrupt described earlier, creator please humanity to humanity, helps james realize Humanity to humanity James. . . . Creator please. Helps James realize . . . . . . . that what he values in another. that what he values in another and what he values as potential in every interaction .. . . . . . , and health in another. 

What he values as potential in every interaction is to exercise his humanity in a way that might exercise theirs and evoke theirs and activate theirs and strengthen theirs. 

There is a potential complete mutuality in that. is to exercise his humanity in a way that might exercise theirs and evoke theirs and event and activate theirs and strengthen theirs there would be a com well there is a potential complete mutuality in that 

Though if james does it properly as just described every interaction does strengthen his does activate his does bring the joy of his being activated does increase the skills the acuity the vision the understanding of his humanity. 

It is a form of concise prayer. And prayer done properly is entirely exercise, use of strengthening of our humanity.