Disciple James log: So, what is the Good News?


So, what is the Good News?

Condo in the sky, if you say the right words and join the right club, correct? I mean that's what everyone seems to believe.

But is that the only possibility as to what Jesus meant?

I mean, that idea jibes with little if anything else that he said or lived. So if he didn't mean that, and maybe he didn't, maybe what did he mean?

But, as many as received him, to them he gave the power to become children of God, we are told in the gospel.

Well, that's nice, but is that really such good news?

James, the one writing here, thinks so. Is limited experience, suggests so, a superior life experience in this world. But does he know that with great deep certainty? No. Not yet.

James, the one writing here, suspects that it is spectacular news, but late in life has he tried to really deeply understand and follow the path that Jesus laid out. His experiment with Jesus continues.