Humanity: The Final Frontier

June 9, 2024 5:43 am ET.   Light update June 11th, 2024, 7am

Warning: Everything but what moves you to discipleship of Jesus is destructive of your health.

Humanity: The Final Frontier

This is the voyage of the Soul ship Jesianity. Jesus, is the captain, training the crew if and as the join.

Jesus said: And what does it profit a person to gain the whole world and lose their own soul; their Humanity? The spirit is life, humanity is life, the flesh means nothing. Jesus paraphrases. With only the slightest liberties.

Our Humanity is Creator's operating system for us, Creator's Kingdom. First identified in the Eternal law of the Ten Commandments, and the writings of the prophets.

Jesianity is an eternal mission to rescue souls from living death of their humanity - joyless meaningless suffering. 

Jesus came from perfect Humanity, Alive, Joyful, Serving-every-breath... by some miracle, and he offers his crew, and those who embrace rescue, the opportunity to return to that perfect humanity. 

The total, complete, explicit, difficult demanding dangerous mission is to save humanity with all the desperate urgency that entails. 

And through the attempt, to save the humanity of the crew, of those that join, and that are subsequently attracted to join the mission by those that join, if and when they do. 

It is simply and totally and completely a matter of life and death. 

Well jesus, I'm just not sure. For 2,000 years that has been the response he has heard and maybe that won't change. But his response? Let the dead bury the dead. Whoever would put their hand to the plow and look back is not worthy of the mission. Not yet.

Humanity is the great I am, the divine, the kingdom of God. The not head in charge, the not flesh in charge. We are all within it, and it is within all of us tho practically dead in nearly all of us as we grow past toddlerhood.

Humanity is the kingdom we were all born into and cruelly ripped from by our insane evil cultures of myriad forms of empire. Aided and maintained by putting flesh and head in charge of our humanity.

In the last 2,000 years there is no obvious record of anyone joining Jesus' crew.

There is record of myriad attempts of people to rename all this, reform all this, in the image that they find most comfortable. In all cases various forms of Empire. 

Endless, successful attempts to put Jesus' new wine back in old wineskins. Successfully destroying the new wine to save  the old. Paul, putting it back in the old wineskin of the old testament; the religion of the scribes and pharisees. Others putting it in the old wineskin of their religion that they prefer. Constantine with Paul's help putting it in the old wineskin of governmental Empire and calling it christianity.

Empire being a term that Embraces the realm of the will of the Flesh and the will of the head. Inside us, and outside us.

Who is to say that anyone should become part of Jesus crew, followers, disciples? And to leap out into that unexplored realm of pure humanity?

Who is to say anyone should have that level of singular faith and trust and belief in Captain Jesus?

It is a terrifying, divine voyage and mission. A return toward perfect life itself. And infinite joy.

Who should say that they will surrender their very lives to this captain? 

Who hates  life in the world of Empire so much as to do this?

But at least one has shown up attempting to be part of that crew. Because he can't resist the call of it. And he can't bear life in empire. Namely james, who maintains this communication site, as a way of mastering what Captain Jesus teaches, and by way of providing his study notes to help others joining or considering joining the crew.

Jesus did not, and morally could not, urge anyone to join the crew 2000 years ago. He did call at least 12 by the record, and they responded. There is no indication that he ever spent two sentences, or one, trying to convince anyone to do so. No one can follow me except that the father grants it. That's one way he said it. Another, no one comes to me except that the father brings them. And finally, when they heard this, many that had been walking with him went back and did so no more.

It should not be, and apparently it cannot be any other way. Someone hears the call, or they don't.

Those that do if that ever happens, and maybe Mark in Cortez has heard the call, and responded, become part of the crew, and a particular team and Enterprise devoted to Mutual success in the mission.

Those that don't are loved, and never lose their welcome to become part of the crew. 

But only if and when they hear, granted by the father, the call and choose to join. Or rather, not respond, they find that they hate their life in the very World of empire so much, that they cannot resist but to respond.