Jesus: Personal Development, Practice, Tools

These are purely the ideas being applied by of one disciple:

  • Start with the list of 500 on this site or create your own from Jesus instructions and example in the four canonical gospels, and maybe adding Thomas as well. If as does this one disciplr, you find it incredibly difficult to work these into memory, just stick with it, it doesn't get easier, it doesn't necessarily get faster, but you will begin to find your progress toward recall and mastery incredibly rewarding, promising, powerful, empowering, enabling you to begin increasing the collective joyful life starting with yourself.
    • Make time for this your number one priority, arrange your life accordingly, downsize, eliminate activities, to make this happen.
    • Use easily available tools such as text to speech applications that are free smartphones and have this read to you while exercising, traveling, commuting, whenever.
    • At times just let them flow into you.
    • At times let yourself Ponder one or two or three over the course of hours. Or days.
  • Alternate the above with the priority list of 150 essential distilled elements. Or create your own.
  • You may find it to be a profoundly useful device to keep yourself in the mindset that you are being scouted for potential full-time employment on Jesus team. Every breath. You might find it incredibly empowering, exciting, real, grounding, motivating, focusing.
  • Another extremely useful device for those one in a million that decide that they are Jesian disciples. Realize that you no longer have or want a personal action item list but that you desperately need an action item list to grow at the speed that the collective joyful life needs you to grow. Realize you no longer want to ask yourself, what are my 10 top priorities for today, this week, this month, but rather, what are creator's top priorities for me today, this week, this month. It's a wonderful thing.
  • Practice, and overtime, get serious, about mindfulness as to which spirit is in charge of you. Depending upon your smartphone you're likely to be able to find a random alarm that you can use to encourage yourself to become better and better at this. Of course, it is your spirit that is Holy that you want to be in charge of your life, that you want to serve, rather than being slave to the spirits of flesh/head. Notice the joy that you feel every breath that your spirit that is Holy is in charge. Note that you no longer feel in charge of your life, escaping the illusion of the flesh/head spirits that you were in charge of your life then. Acknowledge that it may feel a little crazy. Realize that it is sanity itself.
  • Stop dis-serving yourself and others by addressing from your head, to the head of another. Make certain that you are speaking and working from your soul, your spirit that is holy, to the soul, the spirit that is Holy of others. You will find this profoundly encouraging, hopeful, and helpful. Yes it seems crazy at the start.
  • Encourage and strengthen yourself and your efforts by spending time with the folks here, Jesus' spiritual kin, studying videos, researching their lives, reading their books. We become who we associate with. Reflect that you want to be a channel for the spirit of Jesus and his spiritual kin into the lives of those that are to you the most dear.
  • Study all of the posts, all the pages, on this site. Over, and over, and over. Do you not exercise multiple times a week, your body? And weight training, do you not do repetition after repetition after repetition? As is stated at the very top of this site, if this is not a new understanding of life to you, if it does not represent a new way of being, ignore it! But if it does, and it seems promising to you and to the lives of those around you that you influence, then get to work. It does come with practice. Practice makes perfect. This is what discipleship means, yes?