Personal Development, Practice, Tools

These are purely the ideas being applied by of one Jesian Apprentice:

  • Start with the list of 500 on this site or create your own. If as does this one apprentice, you find it incredibly difficult to work these into memory, just stick with it, it doesn't get easier, it doesn't necessarily get faster, but you will begin to find your progress toward recall and mastery incredibly rewarding, promising, powerful, empowering, enabling you to begin increasing the collective joyful life starting with yourself.
    • Make time for this your number one priority, arrange your life accordingly, downsize, eliminate activities, to make this happen.
    • Use easily available tools such as text to speech applications that are free smartphones and have this read to you while exercising, traveling, commuting, whenever.
    • At times just let them flow into you.
    • At times let yourself Ponder one or two or three over the course of hours. Or days.
  • Alternate the above with the priority list of 150 essential distilled elements. Or create your own.
  • You may find it to be a profoundly useful device to keep yourself in the mindset that you are being scouted for potential full-time employment on Jesus team. Every breath. You might find it incredibly empowering, exciting, real, grounding, motivating, focusing.
  • Another extremely useful device for those one in a million that decide that they are Jesian apprentices. Realize that you no longer have or want a personal action item list but did you desperately need an action item list to grow at the speed that the collective joyful life needs you to grow. Realize you no longer want to ask yourself, what are my 10 top priorities for today, this week, this month, but rather, what are creators top priorities for me today, this week, this month. It's a wonderful thing.